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Tummy Tux Fat Burner 

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Pineapple Pain and Inflammation 

Our specially formulated Tummy Tux Fat  Burner is a all natural vegetable based juice. It has been helping our clients lose weight and maintain weight loss for over 2 years. 

Our Pineapple blend helps relieve inflammation and decrease pain from swelling. Great for Post-Op, Arthritis, Thyroid snd other inflammatory issues. 

3-5 Day Full Body Juicing 

Purple Pea Tea Lemonade 

Cleansing through Juicing. Give your body all the nutrients needed to keep you fueled while cleansing your body of wast and toxins, We have. a 3 day or 5 day option both allow you to eat 1 vegan based meal per day while detoxing. 

This crafted tea is not only delicious but also a collagen fusing, immunity boosting drink.